Take Control Of Your Electricity Bill 

California utility companies continue to raise their rates with no end in sight.

Are you tired of how expensive electricity is now? Call us for a free solar consultation . We are here to help.

Why Choose Solar Power?

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Solar panels directly lower the carbon footprint of your home, providing an extremely effective and sustainable energy solution that is beneficial to the environment, as well as your wallet, granting you enticing independence from the rising energy costs of the world. 

Zero Out of Pocket Cost

With our fully funded solar options. You can have a complete solar system. Pay zero out of pocket and start saving money on your electricity bill.

Solar Professionals

Our solar power professionals will help to curate your specialized project to best meet the personalized needs of your house. From proper sizing, positioning, power outputs, and all else, we’re here to ensure the optimal success of your affordable solar panel installation in California. 




Swap out your high electric bill with a lower fixed SOLAR payment


Take Control Of Your Electricity Bill

Thanks to solar power you can take control of your electricity bill. 



When selling or refinancing your home



On your new solar system



Clean energy leaves a smaller carbon footprint

No Solar Project Too Big or Too Small

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Client Testimonials

I called Cali Green Solar and they answered all of my questions and concerns. I felt zero pressure to commit . All I was looking for was information. Thank you for the pleasant experience.

Xander Mcintosh

My utility company continues to raise their rates. I simply cannot afford it anymore. I had no idea I could get a solar system and pay ZERO out of pocket. Call Cali Green Solar and find out for yourself.

Charles R

I have been wanting to go solar for years now. But I have heard so many nightmare stories that I never pulled the trigger. When I saw that Carlo’s commitment was to make the experience as easy as possible, I thought “what the heck?”. … More


If you’re like me you’re concerned about the rising cost of electricity. I called Cali green solar and Carlo was very helpful. Going solar was intimidating and he made us feel comfortable with our decision to go solar. Now we are saving money and we couldn’t be happier!

Lee A

I shopped around and chose CaliGreen Solar. After reading their reviews I gave them a call. They answered all my questions and concerns and I felt no pressure to commit. In the end, I chose them to install my solar system. Thank you, CaliGreen Solar.

Amanda T

I hired these guys to install solar on my house last year, and I was seriously impressed. From the installation on the house to how much money I save on electricity nowadays, it’s a no-brainer.

Joel P

The experience I had with Cali Green Solar was great. Getting solar was pretty easy and stress free. I highly recommend giving them a call. Carlo was super helpful!

Christopher J

I’ve been thinking about going solar for the past few years. Our utility company raises their rates every year and I finally decided it was time. I called Cali Green Solar and I had a lot of questions. They answered all of my questions and concerns. The process from start to finish was pretty easy. I highly recommend Cali Green Solar!

Dal B

Our experience with CaliGreen Solar was amazing from start to finish. They were knowledgeable and their customer service exceeded our expectations. If you are considering going solar, don’t hesitate- Call CaliGreen Solar.

J Frisco

My pool guy recommended Cali Green Solar. All I can say is I am happy I called Carlo. We are saving money and doing our part to help planet earth. Going solar was a great decision for our home and we’re saving money. Give them a call today. Thanks Carlo and Cali Green Solar!

Daniel V

These guys are on point!  I have spent the last week talking to them via email and phone and they are very responsive, knowledgeable, and fair.  Their estimate was completely transparent which we really appreciated.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Ken R

I had a great experience with this solar company.  They were extremely responsive to all my questions and did a great job installing my solar.  Thank you CaliGreen Solar.

Tom K.

Solar – Battery Storage
Imagine this: it’s a stormy night and you’re watching television when suddenly, the power goes out. Now imagine this same scenario but with an alternative energy system with battery storage – when power went out in your neighborhood, you would likely remain blissfully unaware!

A common misconception of solar energy is that you can only count on it when the sun shines. Although sunshine is needed for solar to produce electricity, your batteries will keep your power going.

Most people rely on electricity from the power grid as backup for solar-generated power; but residential systems paired with battery storage, commonly referred to as “solar plus storage”, offer power regardless of weather or time of day – without needing backup from the power grid.

Here are the Advantages of Solar Plus Storage
Without battery storage, electric consumption in the evening can increase due to higher demands placed upon the power grid system. By contrast, with battery storage you can utilize electricity produced during the day instead of depending on utility services for power. This feature can also come in handy in areas with frequent power outages.

Save Money Daily

When electricity rates increase, battery storage provides you with an effective means of protecting your monthly budget by taking advantage of low-cost energy already generated and stored – this way, when rates go back up again you can sell back that stored energy to the grid.

Improved Monitoring
A solar-plus-storage system can assist in monitoring how much energy your system is producing with real time monitoring capabilities and provide its usage in real time. You’re able to keep tabs on both its production and consumption allowing real-time tracking of production/use ratio.

Energy Self-Sufficiency

While most jurisdictions require homes to remain connected to their local utility even if they use no electricity from it, solar-plus-storage systems bring you one step closer to living “off the grid”. Battery storage enables you to reduce dependence on utility companies for daily electricity deliveries while saving up some extra capacity so if power goes out in your neighborhood, your lights won’t go dark!


What happens if I sell my home?

When you sell your home, the system transfers to the new homeowner for the remaining years left. It’s essentially just a utility switch from the standpoint of them just putting their name on the power plan.

Are there any up-front costs?

There is no up-front cost. It’s just a monthly for power just like you’re currently paying with the utility company. I always push for the site survey because you may think about it for a while and want to do this, but we don’t even know if it’s a viable project. So it’s always nice to have the complete picture to know if this is even a viable project or not.

Solar is too expensive!

Solar in the past may not have penciled out. Now there’s another option where you’re just buying power and saving money on day one.

Do you cover maintenance if anything goes wrong?

Yeah, the good thing with this is everything is covered, the battery, the panels and we also have a 90% production guarantee on the panels. Also, the battery only lasts 8-12 years… so it’s like you’re getting 2-3 batteries if you live in the home long enough. We monitor the system remotely, so if there are any issues with the system we’d know before the homeowner is even aware.

What happens if I need to replace or repair my roof after installation?

There is a cost for that. It’s around $100 per panel, however… typically when you have solar it’s obviously protecting your roof from the sun, so it can last longer.

As solar advances, will it outdate my system?

There’s always going to be new technology that comes out, but in our agreement, we have a 90% production guarantee, so it wouldn’t matter what technology comes out… we’re committed to giving you the power you need.

Does it affect my property taxes or home insurance?

No, because we take the burden of ownership away from you and we own the system. It does not affect insurance or taxes.

Are you selling something?

No, we don’t sell panels, but if the house qualifies it would be put on a cheaper power plan compared to the other utility company.

How do you make money?

We do what Edison does by selling you power, except it’s just cheaper power. So we make our money over time since you would be paying us for power monthly.

Why do you need my utility bill?

Home eligibility is determined and the power usage of the home over the last 12 months is shown on the bill – on the bar graph usage page.

What happens if we go over or under our kw production?

If you go under your production, you get a credit back from Edison for that amount of power, that rolls over to the following year. If you go over your production, you owe Edison for that amount of power at the end of the year. That’s the problem with solar, you see people with a big settlement bill at the end of the year… that’s because the initial company didn’t size their system correctly. We take great pride in sizing accurately.

What if we want to cancel?

If anything changes with your roof, SunPower can pull off the job. We extend the same right to you as the homeowner up until the day of installation.

Do you clean the panels?

So that’s the only thing we don’t do, there’s companies that do that though… they charge around $4-$5 per panel and I have resources I can refer you to.

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